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About us

Croydon Community Leaders is a consultancy and engagement firm dedicated to empowering the Croydon community. Our mission is to provide the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to improve public services, foster innovation, and promote community engagement.

Our Journey


In 2016, our organisation was co-founded by Renee Lord-Lindsay, a Marketing and Strategic Business Development Manager who happens to be a passionate advocate for community empowerment..


As an inspired individual, Renee drew inspiration from the historic "Black Wall Street" of Greenwood, Tulsa, in the 1920s. This thriving black entrepreneurial mecca, nestled within a segregated town, showcased the immense power of community unity and economic independence. Renee recognized the need to tap into this sense of community and create a movement that provided condensed financial support to independent businesses in Croydon.


What we do?

Our experienced team has a unique combination of business development, marketing, project management, management, leadership, and inspection skills, making us one of the leading consulting firms in the community. "We strongly believe that true community impact can only be achieved through partnership; our collaboration and co-design ethos are critical to our success" - Head of Operations.


 Through research, consultancy, and engagement programs, we help create innovative and practical solutions that address community challenges.

Our consultancy services cover a wide range of areas, from strategy development and implementation, performance management, leadership and management, and project management. We also offer research-focused consultancy services, including data and analytics, needs analysis, impact evaluation, and stakeholder engagement.


Croydon’s diversity along with its challenges is what makes every success story one of pride and ownership for every resident because no matter what we go through, Croydon’s got heart. We just need to channel it.

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