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Anti-social behaviour charities

CCL support Charities and Non-profit dealing with Homelessness, Anti-social behaviour (including knife crime), Mental Health and Hate Crimes and with continued expansion we hope to support many more. We are committed to helping residents become more involved with issues they feel passionately about.

Anti-social behaviour (asb) is behaviour which causes harassment, distress or alarm to other people, this includes but not limited to:

  • verbal or racial abuse

  • drug dealing or misuse

  • vandalism 

  • act in a manner that causes harassment, distress or alarm to others

Here you will find a list of charities and Organisations that work to prevent, understand support anyone who may be dealing with ASB 

Turning Point

turning point.jpg

Address: 190 Church Rd, Croydon CR0 1SE, UK

Turning Point offers a wide range of health and wellbeing services. This includes but not limited too talking therapies services, community mental health services, crisis mental health services and mental health specific accommodation. 

They also offer integrated drug and alcohol services, detox and rehab day and residential services, supported accommodation for substance misuse and support for people referred by the criminal justice system. 

Solidrock foundation

jags - Copy.jpg

Address: 38 Morland Ave

Croydon, CRO 6EA

London, England


Solidrock Academy was established in 2010 by Peter Barry with the aim of reaching the next generation through sporting activities.

Since established we have experienced great results such as young people gaining universities degrees, starting their own businesses, playing professional and semi-professional football.

Solidrock Academy has a simple approach which is "Mutual Respect". We cater for children between the ages of 5 to 24yrs old, both male and female, we have an equal opportunity policy.

Our Aim
Our aim is to use sport to combat anti-social behaviour and engage young people from all backgrounds in positive activities. We offer a wide range of activities including educational services and opportunities for them to be active and be well equipped for the future. 

Syrus Consultancy


Address: Kreativ Monstarz Studio, 20A, Scream Studios,
Room 7
South End, Croydon,

Syrus Consultancy C.I.C delivers crime prevention workshops using the creative arts. Workshops are aimed at deterring children and young people from offending and re-offending. Workshops include creative writing, theatre, music and spoken word poetry. Focus is on building confidence, communication skills and self esteem, while inspiring young people to engage in education, training and employment. We are an accredited centre, delivering the Arts Award at Bronze and Silver Level.

The Safety Box

safety box.jpg

Address: 1433 B, London Road,
SW16 4AW

The Safety Box ® programs are a refined system of training and development in helping young people and young adults develop important skills such as leadership, communication, team working, presentation, high risk conflict resolution, violence reduction, personal development and problem solving.

Many of our programs have been developed because there is a growing need to demonstrate to young adults that there are ways to avoid gangs bullying, harassment or more serious, violent situations. Where avoiding threat is not possible, we show how to manage and control dangerous situations

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