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Community Mobilisation Teams

Be the change you want to see

Our Community mobilization teams (CMT) is a process for reaching out to different sectors of the community and creating partnerships in order to focus on, and ultimately address, a pressing issue such as homelessness, violent crime, mental health, hate crimes, domestic violence and more. 

Our CMT supports prevention efforts by empowering community members and groups to take action to facilitate change. 

This includes mobilizing necessary resources, disseminating information, generating support, and fostering cooperation across public and private sectors in the community.

Liaison Team

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Free training     
Flexible Hours
Youth Engagement

Designed for members of the public so they can join the Police for patrols & weapon sweeps in Croydon. This team can help reduce bias & discrimination, provide accountability & offer alternative engagement for those being stopped.

Point of Contact Team


Intervention before retaliation
On call Team  
Equipped with specialists

Designed for Charities & Non-profits organisations. At the time of an incident (stabbing or shooting) this team will mobilise at the scene: to support the victim and their families. Fill out the form below

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