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Safezones UK

Want to empower the community affected by violence and equip them with life-saving skills? Look no further! CCL  is here to support the community in finding sustainable solutions to challenging social issues such as knife crime.

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About Safezones UK

Safezones UK is one of our collaborative initiatives aimed at empowering business owners and the wider community on how to take constructive action in the event of a violent incident. Its founder Ieshah Samuel aims too equip local businesses with the knowledge and skills to handle such situations in a constructive manner. .

Empower business owners and youth

  • Life-saving skills - empower business owners and young people with the skills and confidence they need in the event a violent incident takes place 

  • The community must support businesses involved in the initiative.

Provide safe spaces for those seeking help

  • A list of businesses involved in Safezones will be distributed to young people

  • In the event of a violent incident in addition to calling 999 our flyers & posters provide you with a directory of resources & support.

Provide after-care and outreach

  • In the after-math of an event, victims or witnesses can be sign-posted to Grief counsellors. Outreach teams will be designated to go into shopping malls, local high streets and residential areas to inform local residents about the initiative.

Express interest
Youth training

Support our work

We need support to create Safezones across London and beyond


  • Training workshops - Outreach teams, Youth workshops


  • Creation and distribution of violence reduction guides and Safezone businesses

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Working with the best Partners

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