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How we help businesses

At CCL, we believe in economic independence and that significant results can only come from great work, which is what we’ve been committed to since our founding. 

Our team delivers a combination of strategic advice, marketing plans, and social media management and over time have become experts at getting our clients’ brands noticed. We form strong and successful relationships and partnerships with and for our clientele and are proud of the heights we reach together.

How we add value 

We are cost efficient. Outsourcing means that you do not have to pay NI, pensions or even give us a desk in the office. You get 9 years of experience for a fraction of the price of bringing on a marketing manager.

We regularly manage brand refreshes and social media platforms as they are often a time drain for clients. We act as the project manager, pushing forward deadlines and working with design and digital agencies as their point of contact. If you need someone to take this admin-heavy task off your hands so you can continue to run your business our expertise becomes invaluable

By hiring us you ensure that you have a dedicated resource that drives your marketing activity towards your business goals, giving you more time to focus on your business.



Project Management

Social Media Management


Beach Cleaning
Community Garden

The Process

Lets talk

To start the process fill out the  business questionnaire, it has a series of questions that help me get a clear idea of a brief for your design.

The brief

I’ll have a read about your exciting business and after we have agreed the terms of service, we can begin to carry out for your business.


Once we have reached this stage it means you are happy with all aspects of the project. You have double, triple checked all spellings, colors, fonts and placement then you will be good to go!

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