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Do you live in Croydon? Have you experienced a violent incident and felt that it went unacknowledged by authorities or society at large? Kingston University is conducting research into the root causes of violent crime, with particular focus on how we can prevent such incidents.

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Our aims

"Croydon Lives" aims to identify the factors that contribute to incidents of violent crime. We partnered with Kingston University to conduct research in the underlying causes, the project aims to work towards preventing such incidents in the future.

Key outcomes

The key outcome of the project will be an interactive and user-friendly guide. This guide will help individuals assess their support needs and connect them with relevant support services. It will be a valuable resource for those who have been affected by violent crime, as well as for professionals working in the field.

Memorial plaques

As a benefit of participating in the research, families of victims will have the opportunity to create a memorial plaque for their loved ones. This plaque will serve as a lasting tribute to those who have lost their lives to violence and a reminder that the community must continue working towards a world free of violent crime.

Working with the best Partners

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Jermaine Cools

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Chris Kaba

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