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At CCL, we are passionate about empowering leaders across the globe. Our newest service, Platforms, is a subscription-based service that provides a comprehensive range of benefits for community leaders. With a team of experts and a wealth of strategic resources, our Platforms service is designed to help you unlock your full potential as a leader.

Ad-hoc Business Partner

Forge non-equity-based business partnerships without voting rights. Benefit from consultancy capacity, allowing you to leverage expertise and drive your community initiatives forward with confidence.


We've got your back. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are covered by our comprehensive Employer liabilities and public liabilities insurance, reducing risk and protecting your community and its members.

Use of Bank Account for Funding

Say goodbye to complicated finances. As a Platform subscriber, you gain access to a designated bank account for receiving funds, ensuring efficient and hassle-free financial transactions. Please note, there is a nominal 20% charge associated with this service to cover processing fees and administrative costs.

Access to Content Creation Platforms

Unlock the power of effective communication and marketing efforts. Platforms offers subscribers access to leading content creation platforms such as Canva, Zoom pro, Adobe, and Mailchimp. Amplify your reach, engage your audience, and elevate your community's messaging like never before

Platforms service starts at £150 a month, that is less than £2000 a year to put your organisation ahead of the curb

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