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This Is Croydon

Directed by Shane Duncan, is the final instalment of the 3 part docuseries. The 'This is' Series covers the impact of gentrification within particular areas of London. after seeing what has happened in Brixton and Peckham, what will be the outcome in Croydon?


New scheme is launched to combat knife crime

November 29, 2022

Eastlondonlines spoke to Renee Lord-Lindsay, the managing director of CCL. She told ELL about the upcoming initiative following the unveiling of a memorial plaque which has been placed on London Road in the spot where Jermaine Cools was stabbed in November 2021

Picking Up Litter

The BAME community leaders keeping Croydon together during lockdown

July 29, 2020

During lockdown, it’s become more important than ever for community leaders to come to the fore and look after those that need it and the areas they live in.
In this article, Vinny Munbodh focuses on four standout BAME community leaders in Croydon; two male and two female.

Beach Cleaning

Safe Zone Initiative Aims to Help Victims Fleeing Crime

November 6, 2019

Shops and businesses in Thornton Heath are being asked to join a campaign to create Safe Zones where people can seek help and  receive first aid if necessary.
The initiative is the brainchild of Community Croydon Leaders  and @Unit-t, who have been recruiting  local businesses to sign up to join the scheme.
All those joining will be given free first aid training, lifesaver skills and youth engagement works.

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